Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New B log . . . .

Hi Everyone,

Ok. Since I'm new with the whole private blog thing, I'm not sure how to add everyone. So, I am making the new blog public - - at least for a while until I figure it out.

Check it out -- --


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moved to Colorado . . . . Check out our new BLOG

Hello all!

WE did it! We moved. Whew!

I actually have internet . . . at home. Wow!

I don't have a baby in my arms . . . . Crazy!

I actually found time to download and then subsequently upload all my pictures and videos . . . Never!

Anyway, since we moved . . . I thought it would be a good time to update my blog. I moved it to a new blogspot at

If you would like to follow us or view the blog, please leave a comment here and I will add you to our "safe" list. If you are on my google contacts, you might have already received an invite. We are going private with the blog because I will be posting pictures and names with the girls.

WE love you all!

David, Melissa, Kimmy, and Abby

Friday, April 9, 2010

Talking to Mommy!

Ok, maybe cooing is more accurate. At any rate it is fun now that they know who Mommy and Daddy are.

Friday, March 26, 2010

They're SMILING!

I have to say that this stage of life is better for me than newborn stage. I like the fact that they are interacting with us now. Here are some shots that were caught while they were both happy. :) Abby is on the left and Kimmy on the right. Notice that the blanket in the back has frogs. Of course! :) The one below is Kimmy. She was certainly performing this day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rolling Over at 5 Weeks?!

Date: March 3, 2010
Whether on accident or not, it is true. Both Kimberly and Abigail are pushing themselves from their tummy to their back. Although Abigail was the first to officially roll to her back, Kimberly was not far behind the next morning.

Mommy and Daddy are going to have their hands full! Here is a video of Abby - - Kimmy was happily passed out at the time.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sisterly Love!

This was most adorable. The girls had just been throwing the biggest tantrums! They were not happy. Mommy laid them down on the floor to have her hands free to get bottles. Not even a minute later they were cooing at each other and looking over at each other. It was really cute. It was like, "Oh, sissy, you're here too?! . . . . I love you."

Grandma Hymas Playing Dress-up with Abby

While Grandma Hymas was here visiting, she couldn't resist playing dress-up with the girls. She has told me numerous times about her waking me up in the middle of the night to try on clothes that she had just finished making. Yes. The woman woke a sleeping child in the middle of the night for a fashion show. :) She says I would just wake up, smile, play dress-up, and then fall right back to sleep. Nice. I don't know if I would have that much courage with twins!

She got so excited that she could buy "little" clothes, that she went on a shopping trip. Yeah! She picked up a couple of things for the girls - all pink, of course. Here is Grandma trying things on Abby who is not happy one little bit.